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Hi All,

Wax Chaotic is coming!
Local singers are coming..

We will also have early discussion towards the Filk program at Lunacon 2016.

The sing will be here, at the house in South Amboy
If you need “distructions” to get here, email me at commander.truestar@verizon.net

We are easily accessible via Personal vehicle, Mass transit ( or flying saucer so long as you realize you’ll never escape me with it )

NOTE: Those interested in having Kosher food will have to RSVP before 27 May, so we can gather the numbers to place the order. As always, should members of the Kosher community RSVP, Kosher food platters will be ordered from Jerusalem Pizza in Highland Park, NJ.

So come sing with us, bring instruments and be prepared to have fun!

RSVP now at commander.truestar@verizon.net

Marc Grossman
Hi Folks,

I know some of you don't come to Lunacon. Some I'd like to ask why because our small part of the Filk community is fairly fun :D Some are too far away.

But all of you. Would you like to see other performers in your area?
Some get Interfilked, but many don't. And you don't get a say in that.

But if YOU want a say, or to encourage artists to start their own fund raisers to come to your neighborhood convention, you need to show them this works!

So join us at http://www.indiegogo.com/LeslieFishTravelFund?a=835147


I love new music!

Looking forward to Cat Faber's new CD arriving!!!!
It shipped today...YAY!

Check it out yourself at: http://catfaber.bandcamp.com

Help Meg Davis publish new work

Hi folks :D

If you've heard her music, you know who she is. If not, you need to. In either case, new music from a well known artist is always something to celebrate except when there's something stopping it getting to us.

In this case, it is medical issues. But Meg has been in communications with her friends and they can get her going again. What she needs is as follows direct from Meg:
What I need :
- iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi (don't need 3G) I'd like to get a white one.
- 'Snowball' USB mic set by Blue (mic, stand, pop filter) (avg. $99 Amazon) in white
- 'Garage Band' software for iPad
- Protective leather case for iPad that can fold out into a stand ($30 Amazon)

I have a paypal address to direct funds to.
So if you can help, please email me at commander [dot] truestar [at] verizon [dot] net
I'll get you the paypal address to donate :D

This is the artist that brought us "Captain Jack and the Mermaid"
Let's help her bring us so much more!


AP, War-shington

In an unsurprising move today the Lunar Ambassador to the United States signaled their intent to break off relations with the Barak Obama Administration in the trail of escalating hostilities.
The move was believed largely due to a refusal late on the Ninth of October, 2009 to appologize and offer reparations to Lunar officials for the "unwarrnated and illegal" attack on lunar facilities earlier that day.  While staffers at the White House have refused to comment on these latest developments, unconfirmed reports at the Pentagon confirm signs of preparation for a retlaiatory strike.  Speaking on the promise of annonymity, a high ranking official at the Pentagon confirmed that the Lunar government has begun moving weapons for a retaliation
strike into position.  Shortly after NASA's strike, civilian and foreign sources confirmed detection of a six ton "moon rock" lifting from the lunar surface.
Rumors persist that this "rock" is being moved into position by moon residents in support of their demands for an appology and reparations from the US Government. While this escalation continues, rampant speculation still circles the surprise decisions to attack the moon.  Unconfrimed reports state the facility struck was being used to host a party of "dignitaries" visiting from Mars which recently was speculated to consist of members of the Squirril governement of that world.  White House and Pentagon sources speculated last week that these may well be the same Squirrils which have particapated in hostile attacks on US Exploration drones on Mars.  As a result, relations between the White House and Lunar authorities began to sink late last month as the State Department and White House encouraged and advised the Moon to cancel their plans to host the Mars delegation.
With relations between the two powers sinking to an all time low, other Earthbound governments are advising restraint and preparing to deal with the fallout that would result from a significant meteor strike.  Pentagon officials have privately assured the White House that Lunar offcials would never take the action of executing a mass destruction attack on a terrestrial target due to the effect that would have on innocent nations and peoples but tensions are rising.

To quote an unidentified NASA official, "Those Mars Squirrils have been attacking our missions for years.  They are terrorists, nothing less.  If the Lunies[SiC] want to host a party for them they put themselves in the target hairs.


Writer's Block: Call Me

Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
Personally, I will not switch to a all cell system until they can guarantee uniform bandwidth and 100% connectivity comparative to, and at the same price or less, than land lines.  So while I have a mobile line, it is voice only.  I am generally close enough to a computer screen somewhere that I can use for data communications.

Trojan Pyres in the Sky

So i am sitting at work and going crazy and have had Jordin K's "Fire in the Sky" running all over my mind
and in the few spare minutes, I committed the following atrocity:

Promethius, its said, brought God's fire down to man
and we've caught it, tamed it, trained it
to burn at our command
Now we're gonna cross the helesphont, we're heading straight towards Troy,
With our big siege engines throwing fire 'cross the sky

Ever since they'd stolen Helen, her jewels, some gold and more
they've known that we are coming, to settle up the score
and we've packed our secret weapons
Half-Gods and Spartans by the score
And packing Greek Fire, we'll burn to their core

But the Gods to not give lightly
from the tools at their command
and out of frus-ter-ation, A wooden horsie leads our band
So once the gates are opened, The funeral Pyre burns high
Let the glow of burning Troy set fire to the sky!

I'll record it and put it on ine later :D


Beware the Demented....

Attack of the Shovel of History

Having showed up at Lunacon with an Analog recorder and tapes this year led to many discussions(and some sc sc scared people who did not know that technology still functioned...)

At any rate, I have Finally finished moving the raw files for all my commercial tapes from the last 30 yrs to digital format and only need to correct and rip the stuff now.  But the next phase of that work has been re-ordered.  There are some basic stuff that I know I have from hand written labels which were next.  But there is another section of tapes that are either labeled or the same brand and type as labeled tapes that are raw recordings from Lunacon and Disclave Filk sings.  They were third in the queue but have been promoted.
So what exactly do i have?
I know I have, and will soon work on the following:
Lunacon '86: five tapes
Lunacon '88: two tapes
Lunacon '89: one tape (The Label states it contains: "Fact/Fiction"(Roberta), "Liftin' Off From Mercury"(?), "Telephone Message Machine"
   (Abby), "My favorite things"(Group), An unnamed Turkish Song from Baroness Tamar the Gypsy, "Final Home"(Written that Con by Marc
   Grossman), "Fixers"(Abby), "On Vulcan"(Marc Grossman), "Callahan's Bar"(?, Possibly John Bohrman[sp?])
Lunacon 91: two tapes
Lunacon 09: six tapes
Disclave 86: two tapes(New Carrolton, Md)
Lunacon ?: One Tape

It should be interesting working these tapes :D


Let the recovery begin!

Hi All,

Just got back from Lunacon last night and it was a blast getting back to live filk and fandom.
OK, so very very little fandom as I barely left the Filk rooms.  The dealers room and art show are always a must, of course, but it was all about the singing and the listening and the laughing and finding old friends while making new ones.  And one thing I have learned is that I fell sooo far behind in some ways.
First is this post.  I came to LJ simply following the trail to hopefully recover lost music in the form of my disappeared copy of Meg Davis' "Swing the Cat" cassette tape.  I discovered this loss when a tape of mine died and I suddenly got on a digitizing kick.  What started with a visit to the local Radio Shack to pick up an "Inport" and a very short learning curve with the tapes I had out became a slowly more organized flood of activity.  First, the tapes came out followed by a move to organize that...which lead to the sad realization of how little I had of what had been available.  Add to that a small collection of CD's and i was on the way.
Of course, digitalization demanded a digital storage and play source so that lead to my first IPod as well as my foray onto the Filk Archive(which I immediately began to plunder).  And then the exploration was on.  While still "dig-ing" some of my 1980's era tapes, I was finding new performers, new music and even hunting down long lost unknowns and identifying artists.  And finally, things gelled just before Lunacon weekend.  I am glad to say that I have hope that Meg will get the music on "Swing the Cat" back in play.  I have also managed to finally discover the performer I have been searching for regarding a group of SCA songs just in the last few days and will be buying his CD's(The Magic Axe of Tarbeihnwield, Dorn Mac Cei, etc...).  BTW, that performer is David McCord( http://www.mccordvalleymusic.com/ ), so Enjoy!
I enjoyed meeting Harold and learning from him from both a historical standpoint(what I missed and what happened to my 'good old days') as well as a technology standpoint and I will be moving forward in several of those directions off the mark this week.  But, of course, the highlight was seeing(and singing with) the old crowd again.  I am so glad Roberta is still keeping the Con Committe in line :D  New friends included all sorts of new people, some of which I had heard while plundering the Filk archives.  It was great not only putting a face to some names but getting to sing along with some of them.  I really owe a huge thank you to Kathy Sands for helping me catch up on some of the holes in my Firebird collection.   Of course, jumping in only reminds me of how much I have missed and need to catch up on but that is easy when one forgoe's sleep :D

Now if only I can get out of that whole "work" thing it would free up soo much time.

So now I have to add going over the raw tapes and some of Harold's files(Thank You SOOOO much Harold!!) as well as pulling out some of the old raw tapes I have.  I believe I have some really old stuff from 1987 now that I think of it.  Back then I did not have the tech to deal with them properly so they have remained lagely unlistened to but still in near pristine shape.  I should jump on that soon..

 To Kathy, Marc, Abby, Dave, Batya The Toon and Marav and all the others...Thank you for sooo much fun!!!!!!